INTEGRATE is an award-winning model originally developed by MAC-UK.

The model creates psychologically informed services which are designed in partnership with the people they serve in their communities so that their mental health needs are better understood and met.

The following is an excerpt from a MAC-UK resource that describes INTEGRATE:

The Integrate model provides a series of principles for facilitating locally owned, youth-led and multi-agency solutions to address health inequalities for excluded young people, specifically those involved in gangs.

In reality, the model is flexible and other approaches and opportunities will come up in response to local contexts.

Little is known about what specifically works when it comes to excluded or offending groups of young people, and therefore the evidence base requires development. Integrate employs the evidence base effectively where it can, adapts it where necessary and develops new practice where there are gaps. The learning from what works and does not, locally at each project, feeds back into the central learning of the organisation.