In early 2017, we are looking to work with:

  • Youth Voluntary and Community Sector organisations

We want to support Youth VCS organisations to move towards holistic, multidisciplinary service provision, including mental health and well-being support.

  • Housing Associations

We want to support Housing Associations to build on their strong local presence to improve the overall well-being of their tenants in the spaces they are on a daily basis, outside of formal mental health services.

In both of these settings, we can offer an evidence-based model and staff expertise to successfully engage excluded groups and improve their mental health and well-being, co-produce projects from the ground up with people in their community, and build relationships in the community with service-users’ networks and other local and statutory services.

As we expand into these sectors in early 2017, we will be hosting starter events where we hope to get the right mix of experience and expertise round the table to help us understand where and how we can have the maximum impact.

We will provide more information about these starter events in January. If you are interested in attending, please email to let us know, including your name, organisation and role.